Sally Mann "Hold Still"

Over the last week I've been slowly reading Sally Mann's autobiography "Hold Still." It feels right to savor it, waiting for those moments where I can really immerse myself, rather than rush through. Several quotes and passages about making photographs (particularly the unique experience of shooting large format) have stood out.

"You wait for your eye to to sort of "turn on," for the elements to fall into place and that ineffable rush to occur, a feeling of exultation when you look through that ground glass, counting ever so slowly, clenching teeth and whispering to Jessie holdstillholdstillholdstill and just knowing that it will be good, that it is true."

"Many pictures came to me in that lucky rush of exultation, the ones for which I had time to shoot only one, one sheet of film, those where I sank to my knees after shakily replacing the dark slide, eyes shut tight in thanksgiving and fear, fear that I'd screw it up in the developer, fear that the fraction of a second I saw was not the one on film..."

I'll post a few more quotes as I continue reading.