Portland, Maine Lobster Docks on Fuji Astia 100 Slide Film

Last weekend I took a 36-hour trip to Portland, Maine. I didn't really have anything in mind except checking out the Old Port section by the docks and maybe visiting a light house. I had a few rolls of slide film with me, including a roll of Fuji's discontinued Astia 100 slide film, and a roll of Fuji Acros 100 black and white film.

I recall liking Astia a great deal, but not as much as I like Fuji Provia or Kodak Extachrome. I think Astia is (was) like Kodachrome to me - better in theory than in practice. Kodachrome was a great all purpose slide film, but it was also a bit finicky depending on the light you had. Astia is fantastic for portraits and brightly lit subjects where you don't want that super-saturated slide film look, but terrible when the light starts to fade.

Last weekend, I tried to shoot the Astia roll before the sunset, but a few of my shots (including the one below) were taken after the light had disappeared. Astia also has a weird color shift that I never get with Provia. 

This photo is underexposed and a bit muddy when you look at it up close. I do like the colors though. 

  Lobster Docks, Portland, Maine, Fuji Astia 100 Slide Film

Lobster Docks, Portland, Maine, Fuji Astia 100 Slide Film

I'll post some Fuji Provia (and maybe Astia for comparison) tomorrow or Friday.