Happy Fourth of July - Sparklers and Slide FIlm

So everyone likes sparklers right? On our recent St. Michaels vacation, Kate and I teamed up for this admittedly kind of corny shot. This was after cocktails on the dock and I already had my 4x5 camera set up to capture the sunset. I used Fuji Provia 100 slide film and the meter reading told me the exposure should be one minute at an aperture of f11. The sparklers only stayed lit for 45 seconds so I had to cut the exposure a bit short. It worked perfectly though. Kate held her legs still and did an amazing job at keeping the repeatedly drawn hearts in a tight pattern. You can see a larger version of this picture at my Flickr account.

Kate Making Heart with Sparklers on Dock, Fuji provia 100 4x5 Slide Film

In the Flickr comments a few people were curious about the "not as successful outtake" of this shot. Here it is.

Kate Spelling K-A-T-E with Sparklers, 4x5 Slide Film

It was obviously much more difficult to try to repeat K-A-T-E so she just spelled it once and then added these little flourishes at the end as the sparklers fizzled out. I was laughing too hard to ask her to stand still.

Hope everyone has a good fourth. We are hoping to hit the beach tomorrow.