Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Toyo 45AII and Fuji Provia 100 Slide Film

Yesterday, I posted a handful of Hasselblad/Kodak Portra shots from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I did manage to set up my tripod and take a couple pictures with my large format camera. I had a film holder loaded with Fuji Provia 100 slide film and captured these two shots. White Blooms Shot Wide Open at f5.6, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

If you are used to thinking about aperture or shooting wide open, you might be thinking f2.8 (if you are used to medium format) or even f1.4 (if you are used to 35mm). When shooting large format, f5.6 gives you ridiculously shallow depth of field. Only a branch or two of these blooms are in focus, while everything else is out of focus. It's a neat trick, but pretty unforgiving, especially using slide film. This shot feels gimicky to me.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden White Blooms shot Wide Open on a Toyo 4x5 Camera, Fuij Provia Slide Film

Pink Blooms Over the Pond, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Brooklyn Botanic Garden Blooms, Toyo 4x5 Camera, Fuij Provia Slide Film