NYC Prints for Sale!

New York City Prints for Sale Lately I've had requests for prints and have printed some "one off" versions for friends, but I have finally bitten the bullet and selected a handful of photographs for printing. I can print anything by request of course if you ask me, but I thought it would be easier for people if I set up a formal prints page featuring a handful of my more popular photographs.


There are two large format 4x5 prints (Jane's Carousel and Brooklyn Bridge in the Rain), three Hasselblad prints (Empire State Building, Lower Manhattan Glowing, Coney Island Lifeguard), and one 35mm print from my old Leica M6 (Vintage Camera Wall) for sale via PayPal.


These are not darkroom prints hand printed by me, but I do use a local NYC printer (Vista CRC) that I’ve come to trust. We are on a first name basis and they know what I like. I can hop behind the counter to proof prints and most importantly they offer digital C-prints, which I think gives the best hybrid workflow print available. This process uses a film negative scanned and proofed by me to create a digital file. I then hand deliver the scan to Vista where they use an extremely fine laser to expose traditional type-C photographic paper. This paper is then developed in traditional darkroom chemistry. The result is a photographic print with fantastic sharpness, accuracy and reproduction of detail while achieving the ultimate in image fidelity.


I *could* farm my prints out to any number of online printers and have them deliver the prints to you. It would be so much easier and cheaper. But that would drive me crazy. I need to see and feel the prints and make sure they look like I envisioned them to look. I also want to be the one packaging and mailing your prints. I took the time to take these photographs using the best cameras available to me and I want to be the one making sure they arrive on your doorstep.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. I will probably be adding more prints as the weeks go by, but I wanted to start with a small selection. If there is anything you would like to see offered as a print, email me I'll be happy to make you a print.


And lastly, thank you. Thank you to each and everyone of you who comment on my posts, who favorite or comment on Flickr, Twitter, or Facebook. I take photographs because I can't not take photographs. I drag ridiculously antiquated, heavy gear around, because it's the only way that I care to take a photograph. And knowing that a few of you like or support what I do is priceless. Thank you.