Film Photography: Polaroid and Fuji FP100C I've Been Sick Edition

So, I've been sick for the last several days and haven't felt inspired to take great pics. I've still taken my camera out with me, but I've not gone out of my way to capture interesting things. These are from a recent pack of Fuji FP100C film and my Polaroid 420 Land Camera. I've got a few rolls of medium format film that I need to drop off at the lab, so hopefully I'll feel energized tomorrow morning and do that. Until then, here are a few Polaroid shots. ESPO's Love Letter to Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn, Fuji FP100C

View of Grand Army Plaza Arch from Prospect Park, Fuji FP100C

One-Toothed Monster at Dekalb Market, Downtown Brooklyn, Fuji FP100C

I have no idea here. It's Jack Nicholson from The Shining with his head between a pair of legs... Fuji FP100C