Film Photography: Signs of NYC

It's been some time, since I've turned my lens to capturing signs as we walk around the city. Old signs always grab my attention, but I realized a lot of them popped up in my last roll* of film. It's probably because we are exploring new neighborhoods so much. These were all taken with the Nikon FM2n and shot on the new Kodak Portra 160.

This sign for the Paul Robeson Theatre in Fort Greene is awesome. Look at that beautiful font!

Luis TV Repairs is on 5th Avenue. I actually like this storefront better with the doors down like this. The yellow of the guards matches the sign. I love the little dude in the right hand corner.

This sign for 24 Hour Roses is in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan. Can't remember what street I was on at the time. It's a great old sign though.

This is a VERY common sign in the city; yet, it's a beauty. I love the red and green, the "everything you need" in one place aspect of it, and the two glasses on the left. This one is on our block at Flatbush Avenue and St. Marks. I like how it's right next door to the overpriced joke of a store - Brooklyn Larder.

Uni-Sex Sign in neighboring Fort Greene, Brooklyn. That's me in the window wearing red pants.

This sign on Flatbush Avenue has clearly seen better days. I totally expected it to fall on me as I was taking this picutre.

This simple, but effective sign over a real estate office in Ditmas Park was calling to me as we were eating in the window of Mimi's Hummus across the street. After our meal, I zipped over to pay it a visit.

I think I rmember this exact sign from when I was a kid. Composition Notebooks, check. Crayola, check. Krazy Glue, check... Wait a minute, Krazy glue for back to school? Elmer's Glue, of course, but Krazy Glue? I wold have been so busted taking Krazy Glue to school.

*which I realized is my 180th roll of film shot this year.