Film Photography: Standing in the Waves

To fully embrace summer, we've been taking the A Train out to Rockaway Beach on Saturdays for the last few weeks. During those visits, I've been obsessed with photographing the waves. I took my Polaroid Land Camera one weekend and squeezed of a few shots on Fuji FP100C Instant Film. The Polaroid 420 Land Camera totally captures the colors and feeling of a summer day. The 420 uses a plastic lens, which gives you a good, if not super sharp, image. That's part of the appeal of Polaroids. This past weekend I took the Hasselblad, which sports an almost frighteningly sharp Zeiss 80mm f2.8 lens. I loaded the Hassleblad with my favorite slide film - Fuji Astia 100 and dialed my light meter in at 80 ISO. The combination of the Zeiss glass and the slide film gave me realistic colors and depth, but the maximum shutter speed of 1/500 on the Hasselblad doesn't result in super sharp "freeze" photos of something that moves as fast as a wave. Still, I'm happy with these shots. The movement and power of the water is obvious. And these waves are just short enough for me to hold the camera up above my head as the waves come crashing against me.

Waves and Foam on Rockaway Beach, Queens, Fuji Astia 100 Slide Film

Waves and Algae on Roackaway Beach, Queens, Fuji Astia 100 Slide Film

Waves Up Close, Rockaway Beach, Queens, Fuji Astia 100 Slide Film