Film Photography: Weekend Slides from Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Tribeca, Midtown

Nothing special here, except a handful of Fuji Astia 100 shots from last weekend. I've been consistently exposing this film at 80 ISO instead of 100 and this setting is giving me much brighter slides. And I'm trying to be more careful about what I shoot. If it's something that too much contrast from light to dark, I just walk away. I know I won't be happy with range that the slide film gives me. These were taken with the Hasselblad 501cm last weekend. I've also switched over to Vista Imaging Group on 22nd Street for my color development. The negatives were coming back so dusty from Luster that it was taking me ages to get rid of all the dust spots. Vista Imaging has done a great job so far and they have a four hour turnaround, even with slide film. Dog Wearing a Cone, Tribeca, Fuji Astia 100

Flowers on the High Line, Fuji Astia 100

Kate at Beer Parc, Midtown, Fuji Astia 100

Manhattan Skyline from Williamsburg Waterfront, Fuji Astia 100

Metal Garage, Williamsburg, Fuji Astia 100

Stacks of Pallets, North Williamsburg, Fuji Astia 100

Water Tower, Fire Hydrant, and Smoke Stack, North Williamsburg, Fuji Astia 100

View from the Roof Top of Berry Park, North Williamsburg, Fuji Astia 100

As always, you can click on the images for a larger version.