Film Photography: Summer Means Slide Film

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we kicked off summer in on of our favorite places - St. Michaels, Maryland. Kate's parents have a beautiful house on the water in this tiny town and it's our favorite escape from the city. Since the forecast for the weekend was sun and blue skies, I grabbed a fistful of color film for the Hasselblad, including a few rolls of Fuji Astia 100 slide film. Astia is a slide film that gives the punch of slides, but without the technicolor rush of Velvia. Looking at these pictures though, it's plenty saturated for me. If there's a bit of cloud cover or you aren't in direct sun, the colors are very strong. In harsh overhead sun, it looks more like negative film. Between bouts of reading, eating, and relaxing we took a trip into town and a boat ride, both with the Hasselblad in hand.

Big Al's Market and Grocery, St. Michaels, Maryland

Flowers on Talbott Street, the main drag in St. Michaels

Town and Country Liquor Store

Old House in St. Michaels

The Little Boston Whaler

Boat with Flags in St. Michaels Harbor

Kate and Her Dad Behind the Wheel of the Big Whaler

British and American Flags in St. Michaels Harbor

This one is more saturated and contrasty than I would like because I under exposed it.

Deep Blue Sky Above the Miles River

Clouds Above the Miles River

Kate Enjoying the Boat Ride

Sailboat Anchored in a Quiet Spot off of the Miles River

Sailboat Crossing Our Path

Trio of Sailboats on the Miles River

This one also shows how underexposure intensifies the saturation of slide film.

Two Trees Along the Shore

I also shot a roll of the new Kodak Portra 400 during the weekend. Those shots, which I'll post tomorrow, look very different from the Fuji slides. I'm not sure which I like the best. Slides are so beautiful to look at and there's little room for a lab technician to do something squirrely with your colors. But slide film is a little less forgiving of an exposure error. I shot all of these with a handheld meter, but you can tell I underexposed a few of them when the light changed. The new Portra 400 is VERY forgiving. You can pretty much shoot it at any ISO from 200-1600 without ill effects.

My weekend shooting Astia did convince me to buy a 5-pack of Fuji Velvia slide film with an Amazon gift card. I'll save those for our next trip to St. Michaels!