Film Photography: Coney Island on Slide Film

Last post, I promised you that I would include all 12 shots from the roll of Fuji Astia 100 slide film taken at Coney Island last week. A few of these are kind of similar, because I wanted to make sure I got a decent beach shot with the birds, but I'm pleased with how they turned out. It's not often that I don't mind sharing all 12 photos from a roll of film, especially finicky slide film! Astia is a 100 speed film, but I rated it at 80 ISO on my Digisix external light meter to give the slides more light. Most people say to underexpose slides slightly to give more contrast, but from my experience the shadows were way too dark. Besides, slide film by its very nature already gives you nice contrast. I see no need to give more contrast. And lastly, I did not try to compensate for any blue color shift of the film. The intense blues are the reason I chose this film for the beach.

Deep Blue Sky and Lifeguard, Coney Island

Man Running on the Beach, Coney Island

Women Walking on the Beach, Coney Island

Giant Hamburger Man on Roof of Clam Bar, Coney Island

And... on the other side of the building... Giant Hamburger Woman

The Wonder Wheel from the Beach, Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel Up Close, Coney Island

Seagulls on the Beach, Coney Island

Wood, Rocks, and Bird, Coney Island

As much as I love the the boardwalk and the beach, I'm a huge fan of the signs at Coney Island. The side of this building is typical.

All of these images were of course taken with the Hasselblad 501cm and the regular Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8 lens. This kit definitely keeps you working to get the proper shot, but I'm finding the limitations of an 80mm lens (about 50mm equivalent for a 35mm camera), only 12 shots, and a square format really slow me down.