Film Photography: Taking a Walk with the Hasselblad

As I carry the Hasselblad around more, I'm definitely getting used to its heft. So far, I just grasp the beast and hold it in my hand. This works for about an hour, but after that my hand gets kind of tired. Last week I ordered a custom strap from Gordy's Camera Straps. His straps are handmade, sturdy, and very inconspicuous. I first saw his straps in the local Nolita shop Love Adorned. They sell it for over $100. You can order it straight from Gordy for $40. I ordered mine from Gordy, as I don't mind waiting. Even without a strap, I'm enjoying using this camera so much that I *might* take it to Paris this month when we go for a long weekend. I think I can fit it with the Nikon FM2 and tons of film. It would be nice to have those big 6x6 sized negatives for some of our Paris pictures.

Looking into the viewfinder...

All images taken with the Hasselblad 501cm and Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8 lens on the new Kodak Portra 400 film.

Car Garage Door in Nolita

Random Hallway in Chinatown

M.N. News Stand in Chinatown

Olek's Tribute to Banksy's Child with Balloons on Elizabeth Street

Olek does amazing crocheted yarn art (Yarn Bombing of Yarn Storming) and this is the latest in Chinatown. Don't know how long it will last in the elements, but let's hope it last longer than the one on the Wall Street Bull. Her work is so amazing, often just bicycles here and there, but the Wall Street Bull was phenomenal. Watch the video at the link.

Winnie's Bar and Restaurant in Chinatown

Hairless Khala Dog Outside Westville in East Village

This dog was so stoic. he just stood there while I got up close to him. With the Hasselblad you're metering the light, setting your aperture and shutter speed from the EV reading, and then focusing. It's not just snap and walk away. He never blinked. It was like he knew I was taking his picture and wanted to make sure he held still.

Vintage Yellow Schwinn with Basket in East Village

Flowers Outside The Upper Rust in East Village

Garage on Bond and Bowery in East Village