Film Photography: Red Hook Letter Blocks

Maybe because we live right in the middle of the concrete canyons of the Financial District, we have developed a serious Red Hook habit. It's such a contrast to Manhattan. At first we would just hop on the IKEA ferry once in a while. It started out so innocently. But now, it's serious. We count a few Red Hook establishments as our favorites - Dry Dock as a favorite wine liquor store, Fort Defiance, Good Fork, and Home Made as favorite chill restaurants. And the trip on the IKEA ferry (free on the weekends) is a 10 minute joy ride that starts two blocks from our apartment and ends up at the Erie Park Basin, right by the big blue and yellow box. Lately, we've ventured over there for the Red Hook Food Vendors (twice in the last two weeks) and our once a week Jackrabbit speed workouts are held at the gorgeous Red Hook track.

When Kate's brother was here last weekend, one of the places we took him was... Red Hook.

And lastly, when I had some time to kill one evening after work I wanted to go somewhere and try out the new-to-me Fujichrome Astia 100F slide film. I was attracted to its vibrant slide film characteristics that seemed to have slightly less saturation than Velvia and other slide films. From shooting a couple of rolls, I definitely like the Astia. It's finicky like any slide film and doesn't handle a wide range of tones or lighting, but with the right subject it shines.

So, despite our multiple trips to Red Hook in the last few weeks, I hopped on the ferry to Red Hook and shot a few rolls.* I've always been fascinated by these letter blocks that spell out "Red Hook" on the shore. They look like some giant toddler has tossed them haphazardly on to the rocks. The texture and color were perfect to try out the Astia.

All images (except the fourth) were shot with Hasselblad 501cm on Fuji Astia 100 slide film and scanned on an Epson V500 flatbed scanner. The fourth image of the old letter blocks was shot with the Hasselblad on Kodak Ektar 100 film.

*I worked up a powerful thirst carrying around that beast of a camera, so I stopped into Fort Defiance afterwards for a couple of drinks.