Film Photography: Paris, Mundane Details

I feel like you can tell more about a city by capturing the small things, the mundane details that we pass by every day. While in Paris I took dozens of touristy things photos, but the majority of photographs, the ones that will mean the most to me, are of ordinary things. It's similar to my view of New York. New York is much more than its monuments and buildings. It's only when you look at cities at the street level that you really start to understand and appreciate them. We only had a few days to wander the streets of Paris, but I saw and appreciated much more this time than our earlier trip. I'll post touristy pics later this week, but I've selected roughly a dozen photographs of what I classify as mundane details for this post. All pictures were taken with the Nikon FM2n and on Kodak Portra film.

This courtyard at the end of a short alley caught my eye as I walked past it. This was one of the many times I almost passed by something but instead stopped to drag out one of my cameras. We were in no hurry.

This magazine cover, more than any other, was the one that screamed "Paris" to me every time I walked by a news stand. I wanted to buy it at the airport on the way home, but sadly I couldn't find it.

We never ate inside a restaurant on this trip. The weather was beautiful and the sidewalk cafes provided all the food and (usually) drink we needed. We didn't stop at this one, but I was still struck by the simplicity of its two tables and five chairs.

We were in Montmarte very early on Saturday morning to visit the Sacre Couer and I noticed this tiny place with an Agfa Film sign out front.

Walking back to our hotel on the Boulevard Saint Germaine I noticed this statue that had served as a prop in the previous night's partying.

Since we don't own a car or hardly ever travel in one, I look at cars as stationary things of interest. This one, paired with an identical white Vespa, caught my eye. I wondered if they belonged to the same person.

Signs, corners, and intersections are always fascinating to me.

I took several photos of and around Notre Dame, but this one of flowers in its garden is my favorite.

I couldn't not take a picture of this art on a sidewalk condom machine.

And of course I'm always on the lookout for street art (whole separate post upcoming).

And lastly, the flowers on the windows of our hotel...