Film Photography: New Amsterdam Market

Last weekend we made our first trip to the New Amsterdam Market, which is just a short walk up the street from us. I've been hot and cold on the market, depending on the visit. Some weekends it's full of great cheese and bread vendors (win for us) and others it seems like stall after stall of meat (boo, hiss). One constant you can always count on is the crowd. The New Amsterdam Market is very popular. And while it's smaller than the Brooklyn Flea, the vendors always put up nice booths and displays. My advice? Go early. Sample liberally. Buy something. One thing that's nice about the market is that it's covered. This makes it both easy and difficult for photography. It's easy, because you don't have to deal with harsh mid-day sun washing out your photos. You always get rich shadows and nice natural light. It's a little more difficult, because you need a 400 ISO film to get good shots with a slower lens. I had a few frames of the new Portra 400 in my Hasselblad 501cm, which has an f2.8 lens, when we visited. This is the result.

Girl and Bread at Sullivan Street Bakery Booth at New Amsterdam Market, South Street Seaport

La Colombe Coffee Truck at Amsterdam Market, South Street Seaport

LaColombe Truck and Customer at Amsterdam Market, South Street Seaport