Film Photography: Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France

Kate and I took an extended weekend trip to Paris last Thursday. We hopped on a plane in JFK late Thursday night, fell asleep, and woke up the next day at 11am Paris time. We spent three and a half amazing days wandering around the streets of our second favorite city and I have this bag of exposed film to show for it. I took my Nikon FM2n and Hasselblad 501cm with me and Kate handled the digital duties flawlessly with the Nikon D90. I shot seven rolls (six color and one B&W) of 120 film in the Hasselblad and would have happily shot more if I had brought more. I shot eight and a half rolls of 35mm film and had two rolls of B&W film left at the end of the trip. Exposed film from Paris Trip

I had the most pleasant experience at JFK with my bag of film. Everything was either 100, 160, or 400 ISO speed, so I didn't plan on asking for a hand check of my film. I tossed the ziploc bag of film into a bin with my wallet and watch, prepared to see it work its way through the X-ray machine. I wasn't worried too much since anything under 800 ISO is generally considered safe to pass through carry on X-ray machines (NOT checked luggage X-ray machines). But then a TSA screener walked over and asked me, "Would you like me to hand check your film?" After all the horror stories I've heard about screeners refusing to hand check film, this was a nice surprise. So my film only went through the X-ray in Paris at Charles De Gaulle. The screeners there were not amused by my request for a hand check.

Last night I developed my one roll of 120 film (Kodak Tri-X 400) from Paris in Kodak Xtol developer for 6.5 minutes. This is all twelve shots from the roll taken in the beautiful Montparnasse Cemetery.

Gravestone and Sign in Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France

Carved Child Mourning on Gravestone

Angel on Gravestone in Montparnasse

Baudelaire Cenotaph in Montparnasse

Bearded Head on Gravestone in Montparnasse

Books and Man on Gravestone in Montparnasse

Hands on Gravestone in Montparnasse

Jesus on Gravestone in Montparnasse

Serge Gainsbourg Grave in Montparnasse

Standing Woman on Gravestone in Montparnasse

Woman Resting on Gravestone in Montparnasse

Angel Holding Woman on Gravestone in Montparnasse