Film Photography: "Thank you, Mood!"

Even though we don't own a TV and never plan to, we do watch a few TV shows online or on Netflix. One of my favorites, mockery be damned, is "Project Runway" on Bravo. I like watching Tim Gunn and Heidi. I like the reactions of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia when something particularly tacky comes flouncing down the runway. I like the concept of the show and, despite my protests, I even enjoy the catty back and forth created by the producers. That's why I can't believe we waited this long to visit Mood Fabrics in Midtown. Everyone who watches the show can hear it in their head when I type, "Thank you, Mood!"

We went there over the weekend and I wasn't sure if they allowed pictures. So, I shoved my tiny Olympus XA loaded with Ilford Pan 400 B&W film into my jacket pocket and took some pictures on the sly. I used B&W film, because I wanted to focus on textures and patterns, not colors. This roll was developed in Kodak Xtol developer for 8.75 minutes.

The rolls of fabrics were mesmerizing...

Mood Fabrics Stock, Midtown Manhattan

Mood Fabrics Stock, Midtown Manhattan

Mood Fabrics Stock, Midtown Manhattan

Kate Overwhelmed by Choices at Mood Fabrics

Mood Fabrics Stock, Midtown Manhattan (Pucci, gah! Wanted to grab a roll and run away with it.)

Mood Fabrics Cutting Area

Mood Fabrics Stock, Midtown Manhattan

Kate Zeroing in on a Choice at Mood Fabrics

Mood Fabrics Upholstery, Midtown Manhattan

For the photography geeks, the indoor photos were all taken on f2.8 or f4 since the artificial light in the store was so bad. The sharpness wide open and almost wide open of the tiny XA lens is pretty good.

Bonus Pictures, On Our Way to Mood:

Inside the 14th St. Subway Station on the 4/5 Line

On Our Way I Loved the Blooming Trees Everywhere