Film Photography: One Foggy Block in the Financial District

Photographers are a sucker for inclement weather. Yes, the weather is bad, but bad weather can make interesting pictures. So, if it's snowing, I'll usually grab my boots and a camera and head out. Same thing if it's raining. On Tuesday, towards the end of the day, I looked out and noticed how foggy it was. I could barely see Brooklyn from our window. I shut down my email and grabbed a camera. I wanted to stick close to home, so I decided to restrict myself to a radius of a block each way from our house. Since we live in one of the densest blocks of Lower Manhattan, I knew there would be plenty to occupy me.

My first stop was the Elevated Acre, an acre of elevated astroturf that overlooks the east River and Brooklyn. This is the park that I see when I look out of our window every day. They show classic movies there once a week in the summer. This park is also the most militant anti-dog park I've ever seen. Kate and I have tried several times to take Chloe over there, but each time we are busted by a security guard.

Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn in Fog

Hanover Square from Elevated Acre in Financial District

Empty Tables and Chairs on Stone Street in Financial District

On nice evenings you can hear the roar of traders and finance workers letting loose when you step out our front door. Stone Street is really gorgeous, but we rarely go here. I have been known to order the occasional take out pizza from Adrienne's Pizza here.

Buildings in Fog from Water Street in Financial District

From the Elevated Acre, Financial District, Manhattan

Looking Up into Fog, Elevated Acre, Financial District, Manhattan

Slanted Building in Fog on Elevated Acre, Financial District, Manhattan

You cold easily pull a Spider-Man and scale up the side of this angles building. I didn't; there was a security guard watching me take pictures.

Curved Stairs of Elevated Acre, Financial District, Manhattan

3 Hanover Street, Financial District, Manhattan

All images taken with Nikon F3 and Nikkor 28mm f2.8 lens on Ilford HP5+ 400 speed film developed in Kodak Xtol developer for 8.5 minutes.