Film Photography: Brooklyn Flea Market

There's something special about the Brooklyn Flea when it finally sheds its cramped indoor winter skin and stretches out in its normal outside home in Fort Greene* each Spring. Unfortunately, we missed the first weekend, but trekked out this past Saturday to reacquaint ourselves with everything the flea has to offer. The Brooklyn Flea is the perfect mix of vintage, craft, food, and drink. You always know your old favorites will be there, but this year we were surprised by some new-to-us vendors in the line up, most notably the excellent Good Fork restaurant from Red Hook, who were frying up amazing three-cheese fritters. We washed the fritters down with Flea stalwart People's Pops plum shaved ice.

B&W images are from Nikon F3 and Nikkor 50mm f1.4 Ai lens on Kodak Tri-X 400 film developed in Xtol developer for 6.75 minutes.

Color images are from Olympus XA and Kodak Portra 800 film developed at Duane Reade.

Vintage Matchbooks at Brooklyn Flea Market

Hotel Room Number Keys at Brooklyn Flea Market

Old Ball Jars at Brooklyn Flea Market

Kate Browsing at Brooklyn Flea Market

Vintage Underwood Typewriter at Brooklyn Flea Market

The vendors at the Flea, always a friendly bunch, were in a talkative mood on Saturday. A guy at the vintage typewriter stall was marveling at how much business had picked up since the NYTimes article on collecting vintage typewriters. He even copped to writing a novel on one of the typewriters and tried to convince me of how much using a manual typewriter, instead of a computer, made him focus better. As a film shooter I understand slowing down to create better work, but the thought of returning to White Out just made me cringe.

Ice Block at People's Pops

After grabbing two plum shaved ices at People's Pops, we found an out-of-the-way spot to devour our treats. We were right in the middle of Totally Bruce's stall and almost immediately noticed the proprietor heading our way. Instead of shooing us out of his spot, he just wanted to shoot the breeze about the turnout, the shaved ices, and the Flea in general. We enjoyed our ices and his company and discovered that the Totally Bruce shop is in one of our favorite neighborhoods (Red Hook).

New Edition Vinyl Record at Brooklyn Flea Market

Framed Aristocats Record at Brooklyn Flea Market

Custom Animal Pillows at Brooklyn Flea Market

Kate at Fort Greene Ice Cream Stand

Yes we had already technically had dessert at People's Pops, but on the way back to the subway we passed the General Greene's new ice cream stand. For the sake of research, we stopped and had a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. It was ridiculously good.

French Garment Cleaners Company Sign above Stuart & Wright store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Classic Liquor Store Sign in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

New York City Honey Truck Sign at Fort Greene Farmer's Market

Obelisk at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn

*On Sundays the Flea will be at a new Williamsburg location by the waterfront.