Film Photography: Trees in Brooklyn on Kodak Plus-X 125 Film

Still trying to settle on a low to medium speed black and white film that I've liked enough to stick with for several rolls. I've found that Ilford Delta 100 is a mess in 35mm for me, but tolerable in 120 format. I liked Fuji Neopan Across 100 for a few rolls, but it's so low contrast compared to my go to B&W film (Kodak Tri-X 400). So, I finally picked up five rolls of Kodak Plus-X 125. I love the tag line from the web page for this film, "When people say black and white, this is what they mean." I only shot one roll this weekend, but I like it so far. These pictures were all taken in harsh mid day sun, but I used a medium yellow filter to tone the brightness of the sky down a bit. I like the low grain in this film, especially when paired with a fine grain developer like Kodak Xtol.

Trees lining McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Kodak Plus-X Black and White Film

Stuffed Teddy Bear chilling in tree, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Tree on the corner of Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

All shots were with Nikon F3 and Nikkor 28mm f2.8 Ai-S lens with a medium yellow filter on Kodak Plus-X 125 film developed in Xtol developer (stock solution) for 5.5 minutes.