Film Photography: Test Images from the Minolta Hi-Matic 7s

Nothing earth shattering here, but I popped off a roll of my least favorite B&W film (just in case the camera was a dud) last night in the new Minolta and I'm happy with the output of this 42 year-old camera. I didn't want to waste a roll of good film, so I used a roll of Fuji Neopan 400 that I had sitting around. This film gives lackluster, low contrast negatives (even in D-76 developer) that are a bit too muddy for my taste and these shots show similar characteristics. I did adjust the contrast on each of these photographs in Aperture after scanning. All shots with the Minolta Hi-Matic 7s and Rokkor 45mm f1.8 lens on Fuji Neopan 400 film developed in Kodak Xtol developer (stock solution) for 8.25 minutes.

This was the very first shot with the Hi-Matic. I tried to focus on the beer glass logo, but with the rangefinder focusing I couldn't back up enough. What ended up being in focus was the menu on the table.

Radegast Biergarten Half Liter of Beer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Second shot. Even though I was just fooling around, this image definitely shows that the camera is very capable.

Radegast Biergarten Patrons in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Abandoned Loading Dock on Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Grocery Store and Pedestrians on Corner of Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Artist Putting up New Mural on Roebling Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Back Home, Coffee Table at Maximum Aperture

After a quick roll in the Hi-Matic, I'm surprised that everything is in working order and that the meter is spot on. The shutter release button needs a heavy finger on it, making you worry that the camera will move during exposure, but it wasn't a factor in most shots. This is a very capable camera and a great example of mid century simplicity in design. It's not an every day shooter, but it will get a lot of use.