Color Film Photography: Greenwich Village

If I know we are heading out to the West Village (Greenwich Village) during the day, I always try to have a roll of color film on me. It's not that B&W film won't capture the neighborhood effectively, but it does look much better in color. I normally use Kodak Portra 400NC or 160 NC film. All images below were taken with Nikon FM2n on Kodak Portra 400NC film. Images 1-3 and 5-7 are with the Nikkor 28mm f2.8 Ai-S lens and image 4 is with the Nikkor 50mm f1.4 Ai lens. The tiny Minetta Street and Minetta Lane are easily my favorite streets in the Village. They are tucked in between the busy, chaotic Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) and the boisterous MacDougal Street. On these two streets, it's easy to forget you are in New York.

Red Doors on Minetta Lane

Corner of Minetta Lane and Minetta Street

Blue building up close on Minetta

So fast logo on White Cadillac in Greenwich Village

Building facade in Greenwich Village

Waiting on the corner of Hudson Street; Kate and I were sitting outside at Corsino having drinks when I snapped this shot.

1868 marker on the corner in Greenwich Village