Color Film Photography: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint is one of those places right outside Manhattan, literally just across the East River, where I can easily see myself living. We went there Saturday morning, thinking it would be beautiful (it was 67 and sunny on Friday). As we rode on the M15 bus up to the L train at 14th street, I realized I probably should have paid more attention to the weather. About half way to 14th Street, Kate pointed out the snow flurries drifting sideways in the driving wind. We both were wearing our spring jackets and a thin shirt underneath. We're hard core when it comes to cold though, so we didn't think it would bother us. It did, but we still had an amazing day. On the way there we stumbled across this graffiti fence. The sky above it made it impossible to resist.

Greenpoint Water Tower and Old Chevy as we approach central Greenpoint

Beautiful Motorcycle Storage and Service Garage

Oversized MORAL tag on brick wall, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Old Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse

Kate using my Nikon D90 one-handed outside a store, note the newspapers blowing into the frame in the lower left corner

Shooting into the sun at the Greenpoint Water Tower, gorgeous sky that day despite the fierce wind

Lots of debris left over from the snow and now the wind

Deep blue garage with yellow door against a cloudy blue sky

Although it was too windy and cold to explore all day, we easily could have. We stumbled onto Le Grenier, an amazing antique store that was kind enough to give us a respite from the wind. It was a beautiful space with a backyard and exactly the kind of place that makes you think you've escaped the city for a moment.

All images were shot with my Nikon FM2n and Nikkor 28mm f2.8 lens on Kodak Portra 400 film. I think it's time I stopped using this film since Kodak has a new version out. I've loved Portra for the characteristic high speed grain in bright daytime shots, but when I get basic scans from the drugstore at 300dpi, they are almost too grainy. Awesome color though!