Film Photography: Weekend Scenes (from Roll 7 of 2011)

Seems like we've had snow on the ground since the day after Christmas, but that hasn't kept us from getting out and walking around like usual. Actually, I think the storefronts show just a bit more character in the snow anyway. All photographs are from the Nikon FM2n on Kodak Tri-X 400 film developed in Kodak TMax Developer for 6 minutes. This is the seventh roll of film shot for 2011. Moishe's Bake Shop, East Village, NYC

Block Drug Store, East Village, NYC

I've become a bit obsessed with photographing delivery bikes lately.

The heavy snow boots and plummeting temperatures do require you to make frequent stops to warm up. Wilfie and Nell in Greenwich Village was a perfect escape from the cold one day.

Of course, the longer the snow sticks around the nastier the streets and sidewalks get. And more trash seems to pile up... The corner of Water and Wall Street

Another stopping point, The Breslin Bar at the Ace Hotel. Kate was recharging her batteries.

We did spend some time at home, where I snapped off the last pictures of this roll.

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