Film Photography: Shooting Film in American Museum of National History

Last Sunday Kate and I visited the American Museum of Natural History way up on Central Park West. I took a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 knowing that the light would be bad, but also knowing I could push the film to 1600 ISO and still get usable shots. There were a lot of flashes going off, both of the DSLR variety and the cellphone cam variety. But not having flash made it kind of challenging to hunt the light. These were all taken with the Nikon FM2n on Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600 ISO and developed in Kodak TMax developer for 10 minutes.

The light here was perfect and I like that the grain isn't too chunky at 1600.

At first I thought the people would ruin the shot, but I like the silhouette and the scale.

These guys are amazing.

Hunting pose


Mongoose vs. Cobra

Almost no lighting here, but the details are fine

These claws give me the creeps

Obligatory whale shot. Could have used a 35mm lens here instead of a 50mm.

And finally, my favorite animal...