Film Photography: A Rare Color Film Post, Williamsburg Street Art Walk

It was cold Sunday, like 15 degrees. We had already brunched, shopped, cocktailed, and walked around when Kate spied a salon that had an opening for a manicure. Off I went, knowing that I had one roll of color film and 45 minutes to kill. I headed over to Kent Street and walked north knowing there was a high concentration of street art. The following shots are with Kodak Portra 400 NC film, which isn't the best film for a bright, sunny day, but I got some usable pictures. I hadn't seen this before.

The always colorful corner of Kent and Metropolitan.

Can't resist the Roa rabbit

Number 210 from the road

And a close up of the watchful meerkats

Clown Soldier standing guard

This Gaia piece is what I was making a beeline for since I had never seen it in person

Gaia up close with Clown Soldier

Yote Wolf

Nice little jam on this wall

And as I was walking back to meet Kate, I noticed this You Would