Not the Mars Bar! Short Pictorial Tribute to its Facade over Last Two Years

Unfortunate news coming from all fronts about a possible "temporary" Mars Bar closure. Sounds like it's not a done deal, but if you look at the way things have been going in this area over the past two years, it would not be a surprise to see another venerable institution disappear. Look I like DBGB just around the corner for their great beers (yes, I said it) , but there should still be plenty of places that tourists and NYU students are too uncomfortable to go.

The Mars Bar is one of my favorite facades in the city. It's ever changing and almost always interesting.

Halloween 2010 version

The window on 2nd avenue that you can barely see out of and into

One morning I was walking by very early on the way to Abraco for coffee and Roy was outside reading his paper like he did every nice morning after opening up. This will always be one of my favorite NYC shots.

Sadly, Roy passed away this year. There was a tribute to him on the wall shorty afterwards.

I think the "After the Mars Bar, then what?" pretty much sums it up. I hope we don't find out.

BTW, check out EV Grieve for the latest incarnation of the Mars Bar facade.