Dumbo and Financial District on Film Last Weekend

Spent last Saturday in Dumbo goofing off and snapped off most of a roll of Tri-X 400 in the Olympus OM-1. Kate mentioned something tonight that I've noticed about the Olympus with the Zuiko lens - it has really low contrast. The images look a bit washed out and lack sharpness. The Manhattan Bridge photo was deliberatley under exposed, so it's pretty contrasty. I don't think it's the film of the developing since I developed at home. I have a roll of the same film sitting on reel waiting to be developed from the Nikon FM2n. Will be interesting to compare the same film, the same developer, but a different camera. Waiting for Vinegar Hill House to open...

Delivery Bike Street Art in Dumbo

The Manhattan Bridge with the Empire State Building peeking out between its legs

Don't forget to look up

Smoke Stack in Dumbo

Wet on corner of Maiden and Pearl

Wall Street was wet the next day as I snapped off the last few frames of the roll.