Christmas When You Live in Less Than 450 sq. ft.

You make a lot of sacrifices living in Manhattan. Square footage? Forget it. What you paid $200K for elsewhere would cost you $1.5 to 2 Million. So you get a studio if you live in Manhattan, maybe a 1 bedroom if you live in the boroughs. You learn to live in a space that's one fourth of what you lived in before. And it's easy, because you live in NYC. There's no place else like it in the world. And then Christmas comes. Shit, wouldn't it be great to have a tree? Yeah, where are you going to put a tree? You get a small tree and pay $25 for a 3 foot tree. You schlep it to the subway stop, ride home with it, then walk the four blocks to your apartment with your tree, evergreen in your lungs the whole time.

When you get home, you spend 30 minutes trying to clean the sap off your hands, it will wear off over the next couple of days. I was lucky that Kate took pity on this tree and made it special. Over two nights, she strung popcorn and cranberries by hand. We had no ornaments, so we grabbed two in Dumbo over the weekend - an S and a K.

I think it's one of the best trees we've ever had.