Fishkill Farms on Kodak Kodachrome Slide Film

On December 31, 2010 Dwayne's Photo, the last place in the world to process Kodachrome film, will cease processing Kodachrome. I'm sure it's not financially feasible to continue to process it and what stock that's out there is on the second hand market and auction sites. No one has actually walked into a store and purchased Kodachrome film in years. And to be fair Kodachrome is notoriously finicky. It has to be exposed just right or it's a dim, flat mess. I wasted two rolls earlier this year just trying to figure out how to properly expose it. Someone told me that you had to expose it at 80 ISO instead of the box speed of 64. Wrong, too dark. Unfortunately I had to get my slides back from Dwayne's to learn this. So, I started shooting it at 50 ISO and have been happy ever since. This is my second to last roll and I liked almost every shot of the 36 exposure roll. You lose a bit in the translation from the actual slide to digital, but you can still get the idea of how vibrant a Kodachrome slide is - and not that make you sick to your stomach vibrancy that an overly saturated digital file gives you - just beautiful color as only film can give you.

Here are a handful that I liked the best. All shot with Leica M6 and Zeiss 35mm f2 lens at Fishkill Farms just north of NYC.

A row in the apple orchard against a deep blue sky

Ready to buy pumpkins

Kate has hers all picked out

Golden Delicious Apple Tree

Perfect little golden delicious

We bought some eggs from these very happy chickens

The pumpkin Patch

Graveyard just north of Fishkill Farms