Sunday Morning Snapshots from the Lower East Side

I love the Lower East Side on a late Sunday morning. The shops are opening up and, since there is no alcohol served before noon, the douchebags haven't invaded the neighborhood on their way to Spitzers and Schillers. It's quiet, peaceful, and there's always something that catches your eye. Working my way through the rest of the crappy Kodak Pro film from Target. These shots were with the Leica M6 and a Zeiss 35mm f2 lens ok Kodak Pro 400 film. Probably one of my favorite store fronts in the city. I love the windows, but that sign is just amazing. The "339" on the left corner is bent out of shape with the metal, giving the address a weary look that just makes me swoon. It's really a thing of beauty. You have to click on the picture to get the full effect. :)

Ideal Hosiery

A very public personal ad on Ludlow

These chairs are perfect, especially since their owners haven't claimed them for the day.

An Choi's cheeky sidewalk sign on Orchard, they were open early for the Apple Festival on Orchard Street

Two guys were filming a makeshift commercial on Rivington with this Batmobile.

The face in the window on Orchard

The rock monster in Freeman's Alley