Last Roll from my Diana F+ Plastic Camera

While I really enjoyed playing with the Diana F+ plastic camera, I just didn't get enough use out of it to justify a chunk of valuable real estate in our tiny apartment. So, I sold it on Ebay to someone who will also enjoy using it. I've written before about how much I liked to use the Diana, citing its amazing lightness, heavy vignetting, and unpredictable behavior. You can get some great, dreamy images out of it in good light.

With less light, the center is still fine, but you're starting to take some chances.

And there are the "what the hell?" images like this one of the Brooklyn Bridge in perfect light.

Bottom line: the Diana F+ is a great camera for what it is. However with the cost of 120 film, it's really more like a fun project camera rather than a consistent shooter. I enjoyed mine, but now someone else will enjoy it.