Two NYC Districts (Meatpacking and Financial) on Two Films

I've been really liking the tones of the Fuji Acros 100 lately, but wanted to see how the Tri-X 400 compared shot the same day. Took the Leica M6 out this weekend with a bit of Fuji left and a fresh roll of Tri-X in my hot little hand. First, the Fuji Neopan Acros 100 and the Leica M6; these shots were taken in the Meatpacking District.

Haculla and Freddy team up

The Bride of War and the Jester

Charlie and Albert

Buildings from the High Line

Flowers on the High Line

Now the Kodak Trix-400, which I pulled to 200 when I developed in Rodinal 1+50

The Olympia Garage on 10th Avenue in Meatpacking District

Switch of locations to an alley in the Financial District

Love how this doesn't really call to mind the Financial District

Same here, not your usual image of the Financial District