Saturday Noon in Greenwich Village

While Kate treated herself to a pedicure/manicure on Saturday, I snapped some shots in Greenwich Village while on my way to the Blind Tiger. These shots are from the Olympus OM-1 and developed in Rodinal. Side note: you can see some cloudiness in the shots caused by me having Kate slide a pair of scissors into the darkroom bag between the bag and my arm. I didn't think that would make a difference, but it did. Very patient dog on corner of Sixth and Bleeker carrying his owner's baguette. You can tell that I had some spooling issues with the Fuji film. This pic was pretty scratched up pretty badly.

Kate at new pizza joint Olio. I knew the light was going to be really harsh, but am surprised how well the Olympus handled the amount and intensity of the light. I think I shot this at full aperture - f1.8.

This guy was awesome. When I walked by he was like, "Hey Mr. Photographer, you gonna take my picture?" He would not take no for an answer and even acted out the words to the sign above him while I snapped a couple of pics. He was disappointed that he couldn't see the shots immediately on the back of the camera.

I've always loved the facade of this barber shop; look at that awesome sign! If you look closely you can see my mug in the mirror.