Leica M6 and Soho Graffiti

Early this morning I dropped Kate off at a doctor appointment and made my way back home with the Leica M6 in hand. As I walked over to the 1 train from Soho I ran across a great wall on the corner of Grand and Wooster. These shots are the first with the Fuji 100 film in the Leica. I used my ancient Summicron 50mm lens, which is still plenty sharp. These shots were developed in Rodinal 1+50 for 11.5 minutes. Man with Pistol (click to view larger and see how good a 50 year old Leica lens can be)

OBEY mural up top on the corner, Soho, NYC

Wall on Wooster, Soho, NYC

Chairs and Bird Cage

Gas Mask Man and Women

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