Leica M6 and Fuji Neopan in Greenwich Village

I'm getting more comfortable with the Fuji Neopan 100 film. Lately I seem to always be shooting in mid-day on the weekends, so 100 speed is important if I want to use large apertures at all. I'm still developing in Rodinal 1+50, but I might go back to a finer grain developer after this bottle is gone. Kate and her bowl of coffee at Cafe Henri in Greenwich Village

Trees on Minetta Lane

Facade on Minetta

Panchitos on Minetta

Here I was siting in the window of The Blind Tiger and wanted to get a shot of all the people outside John's Pizza. Using the viewfinder of the Leica, I realized that the two pedestrians were walking into the frame. I waited for a half a second and hit the shutter.

In Meatpacking District finishing off the roll - 675 Bar Entrance