Random Shots from Second Kodachrome Roll

Happier with this second roll of Kodachrome. I shot it at 64 ISO, though most of these shots are in harsh, noonish light from the weekend before last. More shots to come in a few days. La Esquina, Nolita


Pell Street in Chinatown is one of my favorite streets in NYC. It's rare to see it this quiet.

Man on Pell Street

Man Sleeping

Man Sleeping

Deli on corner of 2nd Avenue in the East Village


Door by Haculla, Nolita

Haculla Door

This totally cracked me up, especially after seeing "Exit Through the Gift Shop." Mister Brainwash on L'Asso's wall dissed.

Mister Brainwash

And last but not least, I caught this homemade Germany World Cup shirt at the Puma World Cup City in Southstreet Seaport. Go Germany!

Germany Girl