More Diana F+ Pictures, Chinatown and Hanover Square

These pics are from the second roll of 120 film from the Diana F+ plastic camera. I'm liking this camera more and more each time I use it. It feels like nothing in your hand and the pictures have this dreamy look to them around the edges with pretty severe vignetting. And that's without any kind of post processing that many people will use to give their photos that old school look. This is probably my favorite. I was standing on a sidewalk in Chinatown looking at this awesome wall of fliers through the viewfinder and just snapped the shutter when I noticed the guy turning to look at the girl passing.

I'm always attracted to the hanging clothes on the metal porches in Chinatown.

Just a random alley I was walking through. This is one of those times where I walk by something thinking it looks interesting, but I don't really take a shot. Then after I've passed the object or place, I'll look back and the perspective is much better. Don't just look in front of you or to the side. Look behind you; it's often the best shot.

Was walking home with one more shot left in the camera. It was a hot day and this guy in the long coat just floated by me like I was standing still. Click...

I ALWAYS look at these dueling guitar ads when I walk by. It's on the way to the grocery store, the drug store, the banh mi place, the liquor store, so it's always there. Should I choose Dan or Jon if I were to take up guitar?

And the Diana can make your photos a little *too dreamy* too. For instance, this seafood place on Madison in Chinatown. Instead of dreamy, it looks like something from a nightmare.