Looks Like 1976 in Central Park

On Monday night, Kate and I hopped on an uptown train with a bottle of wine and two banh mi sandwiches. Our destination was a picnic in Central Park and I brought along the heavy medium format Mamiya 645 camera from 1976 and a sturdy tripod. I really love the look of this camera and lens so far, not to mention the larger format of the film. For these shots, I used a roll of low contrast Fuji 160S 120 film. A statue of Hans Christian Anderson, Central Park, NYC

Pond with boats, Central Park, NYC

People overlooking the city, Central Park, NYC

View of the city, Central Park, NYC

The carnival slide peeking through the trees, Central Park, NYC

The carnival with the city in the background, Central Park, NYC

Big Bamboo on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, NYC