Kodachrome Roll Two, Part Two

I think I've figured this film out. First, it's slide film so you have to be very careful with the exposure. Second, it's better with picture of things not scenes. It's got amazing depth as a film, but I'm not sure how well Kodachrome handles a shot with an array of subjects. It does handle, if you've taken extreme care to expose it correctly in exactly the right light, very simple photos or scenes, but I'm much more comfortable shooting a reliable B&W film like Kodak Tri-X. You get consistent if not mind-blowing results. That said, these first two shots taken under the shade of the FDR at the New Amsterdam Market are gorgeous. Click on the image for an almost 3-D like shot of something very ordinary. You will never see this with digital or even other film.

Sullivan Street Bread Loaves at The New Amsterdam Market, Lower Manhattan, NYC

Spices at the Fulton Street Market, Lower Manhattan, NYC

The following shots are okay, the pasta is good, but the rest are fairly pedestrian and could be achieved with any film.

Fresh pasta at The New Amsterdam Market, Lower Manhattan, NYC

Other shots from the same roll, a fire escape on Crosby Street in Soho

An air conditioner lock with a dog charm, Soho

Amazing basement level sign for the Quality Mending Company, Crosby Street in Soho

Paper Bag Alone, Soho

I have three more rolls of Kodachrome left and the one place in the world that still processes it will keep doing so for the rest of 2010. After that who knows? As for me, I'll be a little more careful when I pop that 36 exposure roll into my camera. I'll need to think about what I'm going to be taking pictures of for the next few days.