Nolita/Bowery/Soho and Ilford 3200 B&W Film

This was my first experience shooting and developing roll of Ilford 3200 ISO film. It's grainy and dark as hell, which I like, but for some reason I had trouble loading it onto the reel. I scratched up about half of the negatives. I don't have the patience to use software to fix the scratches though. I'd rather be out taking pictures. Kate and Courtney in the barely lit back hallway of Jules in the East Village. These frames received the worst of the scratches, but I like the look of the pictures.

Kate and Courtney at Jules, East Village

Here are several shots with Ilford 3200 developed at home in Ilford D-X Developer. I'll use it again if I want to take pictures in a bar or when it's darker outside, but I'm more comfortable using cheap Kodak Tri-X. You can push the Tri-X to 1600 if you want anyway, which is what I shot this roll at.

Flickr pal Army of One has Diane Arbus' Grenade Boy looking stressed out as usual.

Army of One Bomb Boy via Arbus

Pair of public phones in Soho.

Public Phones

Face behind bars, Soho, heading towards Nolita.

Bars over Face

This cart was on the corner of Crosby and Grand in Soho.

Abandoned Cart

On Crosby Street, this gentleman was snoring so loudly it startled me. There's something about the darkness under the construction canopy and the bar shielding him that made me snap this picture.


All Saints, Soho on Crosby Street

All Saints, Soho

This sign for Globe Slicers on the Bowery is amazing. You can tell it was done by hand. Love the different fonts and the varying sizes of the letters. There's so much character in this old sign.

Globe Slicers

Open door, up stairs, Bowery

Stairs, Bowery

Definitely truth in advertising. Seen on the corner of the Bowery and Third Street.

Truth in Advertising

Finally, this is a film shot from the Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade that I posted about last week.

Arcade Wall