Mamiya 645 1000s Medium Format Film Camera

Mamiya 645 1000s It's amazing how reasonably priced these old medium format cameras are today. This one, manufactured in 1976, is one of the older versions of the Mamiya 645. It came with an 80mm f2.8 lens, which seems perfect for this type of camera. The thing I love about this particular model is that it's built like a brick. It's heavy, clunky, and loud. There's more metal than plastic as opposed to the all plastic later models that look more like modern DSLRs.

This one has a 120 film back, which means you can run 120 negative or slide film through it. I've only run two rolls of film through this camera, but I'm already totally in love with how it functions. I love 120 film - how it's wrapped in paper and how you just wind it in the film cartridge and advance it. This camera is a snap to use AFTER you carefully review the manual, which can be found online.

Here are a couple shots from the first roll, certainly nothing fancy as I was just playing around in the apartment.

Chloe and Lucy sunning themselves in the window

Chloe and Lucy

View of the East River from our apartment