Hudson River Harbor at Dawn, World Financial Center, Lower Manhattan

The Hudson River Harbor adjacent to World Financial Center is one of my favorite views when it's open. The harbor is right along our morning running route and I love seeing the boat masts breaking through the dawn sky. It's usually just after 5am when we pass through. Boat masts poking through the morning mist

MistyMasts copy

Masts with Jersey City across the river


The Manhattan Sailing School is right here in the harbor too. I keep teasing Kate that she is getting me lessons for my birthday. They are PRICEY.

SailingSchoolBoats copy

Sailing School boats with the racing boats and a mega yacht


Learn to Sail

Learn copy

Masts with the sun hitting Jersey City building

MastsBuildingOrange copy

Sailing School boats looking toward World Financial Center

RailBoats copy

Boats with the financial buildings in the background

BoatsBuildings copy

Closer view

BoatsCloseBuildings copy

Edinburgh boat

Edinburgh copy

Quingdao boat side

Quingdao copy

Quingdao boat deck detail, lots of equipment

Singapore copy