Country Living Deep in the Heart of Manhattan

Kate and I have been clocking the progress of Country Living's 2010 House of the Year built and installed right here on the Hudson River in Manhattan. Since the house, appropriately named "The Hudson," is on our regular running route, we can't miss it - as in we have to go around it. They've finally completed it, removed the fences, and... it's kind of bizarre. The Hudson is a nice looking country style home sitting on the river in the shadow of the World Financial Center. You can see the World Trade Center cranes in the background if you look at it from the river. I took a camera on our run and stopped to snap several pictures. It was early, like 5:15am early, so the light was soft and there were no people around. Except for some dude who just walked in the front door. More on that in a second.

These pictures were taken with a Nikon D90 and a Sigma 30mm f1.4 fixed lens.

As you approach the house, the Manhattan Sailing School is on the left along the Hudson. You can also see the buildings right behind the house.

Sailing School Boats and 2010 House of the Year

You get a better sense of the scale of the buildings in this vertical shot. Needed my wide angle lens here, I think. Notice the dude just walking out like he owns the place.

2010 House of the Year, Manhattan

Walking closer to the Country Living 2010 House of the Year. Aannnd, dude walking back in.

2010 House of the Year, Manhattan

Here, I like to imagine that I've just docked my mega yacht and am walking up the path to my country home on the river.

2010 House of the Year, Manhattan

The porch wraps all the way around the house.

2010 House of the Year Porch, Manhattan

You can see my yacht docked just beyond the house. These trees were brought in as well.

2010 House of the Year, Manhattan

The side of the house that directly faces the Hudson

2010 House of the Year, Manhattan

The side and the back

2010 House of the Year, Manhattan

Beyond that beautiful glass atrium is the World Trade Center site. You can just make out one of the many cranes against the sky.

2010 House of the Year, Manhattan

Your neighbors. The ducks were already here.

Ducks in World Financial Center

And this gentleman was already here, but at least he's not sleeping on the porch.