Weekend Film Shots

After recovering from the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday morning, I spent a lot of time walking around on Sunday with both cameras in tow. The following pictures are shot with the Leica M6 and Kodak Tri-X 400 film. I extended the developing time for about 40 seconds and there is definitely a difference in the shots with heavier blacks. While Kate was shopping in Soho, I prowled around looking for new art. Not too much since the last time, but I thought this was interesting.


Alley off of Franklin, between Broadway and Lafayette

Franklin Alley

Detail in alley off of Franklin, between Broadway and Lafayette


Had to go back for this amazing bookstore sign. I think it was on Worth Street in Tribeca.


Love this sign as well, The Bondy Camera and Appliances Store, Chinatown/Lower East Side

Bondy Camera Appliances

This jewelry store is just past Bowery, still in Chinatown heading into the Lower East Side


Love, love, love the facade and sign of the Cup & Saucer on the corner of Canal and Eldridge. The brick above the diner is almost completely worn down and the paint is heavily peeled. It's a gorgeous corner diner though.


I couldn't stop staring at the Ernest Sewn storefront when Kate and I were having brunch at Barrio Chino Sunday morning, but I didn't have a camera with me. Being the huge dork that I am, I veered back over there later in the day to take a few shots.


Here's the store from the side.


And right before I hopped on the bus home, I snapped a shot of the Tenement Museum's "backyard" complete with hanging laundry on Allen Street.