Follow up post from weekend shots snapped while out and about, these are from the Nikon D90 and a Sigma 30mm. Chinatown Seafood Stall

Chinatown Seafood Stall

HUGE jackfruits at this stall. They are the size of watermelons, but nubby on the outside.


Jackfruit cut in half an offered for inspection


Man, Kate and I tried to find mangosteens last summer to no avail. We must have just missed the season, because now they are everywhere. Kate blogged about the elusive fruits.


This sign seems like it will peel the rest of the way off with the next hard wind.

Peeling Sign

Love this door in Lower East Side

Man Art

ABC sign in Chinatown


PAINTS sign in Chinatown. Gorgeous!


And this wall on Allen St. right next to the wash line of the Tenement Museum