Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade

It's too bad that this Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade was just a pop up exhibit at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery. Seriously. This thing was bad ass. You walk in, grab tokens and go to town on re-rigged 1980s video games. There's no Donkey Kong or Galaga, just these weird video games that sometimes react to your joystick yanks and buttons jabs.


But really, you're too engaged by the artwork around you. It's everywhere. On the sides of the video games. On the walls. On the ceilings. On the floors. You are accosted by imagery.

And maybe it doesn't help that you've had two drinks down the street at Kampuchea on an empty stomach, but I think anyone walking in here will be blown away. Unfortunately, today was the last day of this pop up arcade.

Fear not, I took a bunch of pictures to give you the feeling of the Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade.

The walls are covered in amazing art. It's hard to concentrate on what strikes you first.


And then you see stuff like this on the side of a machine.

Darth Vader Kiss

A sample video game screen.


On the way back to the foosball room.


Random wall art


And I caught Kate just standing there. Yes, the floor is covered in art too.


Finally, the foosball table


More wall art


Closer to the foosball table, the colors are amazing.


I LOVE this detail on the Foosball table that looks like a comic book masthead. Awesome!


And even more wall art...